Many people are of the notion that weight is some pre-determined factor over which they have no control. Fortunately, they’re wrong. More likely, people get settled into their eating and exercise habits and their weight is the outcome.

If the needle has been moving on you and you wonder where your “pre-determined” weight will fall-out, as an adult there’s a simple way to project it. Estimate the number of calories that you consume for an average day. Subtract the number of calories that you typically burn in exercise. Now, divide that number by 10. That’ll be your weight, in pounds, where you’ll likely end up unless you change your eating or exercise habits.

For example, let’s say Bill consumes 2,300 calories each day and does little exercise. He’ll likely settle in at around 230 pounds (2,300 / 10 = 230 pounds).

This calculation varies depending on age and gender, but it is a good, simple rule of thumb. I don’t recommend the calculation for pre-adults because more calories are needed for the growing bodies. Also, be careful not to overestimate how many calories that you burn in exercise. Many people do this and can’t figure out why they’re overweight.