I’m currently reading the new book by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz, You on a Diet. It’s interesting. Much of their advice lines up with my advice and that of the Zone diet, which is really a repackaged diet that the medical community teaches diabetics to help them control their blood sugars.

The good doctors have a lot of good information – maybe a little too much. It can be overwhelming at times. They could learn from Dr. Sears, the author of The Zone diet, with his condensed book “A Week in the Zone”. I read that book in less than 2 hours and it gave me much of the information that I still use today to control my weight.

The good doctors say much of the same things as Dr. Sears, and myself. Eat more often. Eat good foods. Eat in moderation. Exercise. They also provide a lot of details on how the hormonal systems work for you and against you.

You on Diet have a great section on diet psychology. They really should lead the book with this chapter. Getting your head in the right frame of mind is the most important thing. I’ll write more about the psychology chapter in another post.

I recommend this book. However, I’d recommend reading “A Week in the Zone” first. And you can also read my short book, an electronic-copy is is available for free (see the link on the right side of the page).