In an earlier post, I shared by helpful hint of listening to my favorite podcasts while I exercise.   I find that to be a helpful way to stay motivated and consistent.

A friend shared a similar tip with me.  It works great if you belong to Netflix or Blockbuster Online.  He checks out TV series and movies that he wants to see, but the rest his family doesn’t, and watches them while running on his treadmill.

There are likely a ton of TV series that you haven’t seen because of timing, limited free time or you may not get the channel the series was originally aired on.  This is a great way to “multi-task” and use your exercise time to catch up on the stuff you’ve missed.  Ask people who share common interests to recommend TV shows for you.

Of course, you can also DVR a bunch of stuff and watch it when you exercise, but you may run out of shows in the summer of if you don’t care for what’s showing on TV.

The great thing about DVDs is that many shows from the last few decades are available.  While DVRs allow you to “time shift” your viewing by a few days or weeks, DVDs let you do it over decades.

If you don’t want to pay for Netflix or Blockbuster, get a card at your local library.  It likely has a wide selection of DVDs that you can check out as well.