A common theme that comes up when discussing weight and eating habits are excuses we use to displace blame for our inability to properly control our portion sizes and eating.

A common excuse is a cook who judges the quality of their own cooking by how much of their food you eat.  They will insist that you eat more and more food.

I’ve encountered my share of such cooks.  And for a long time my defenses were useless.  I would eat rather than risk offending.

Many years ago on the Dr. Laura radio talk show I heard the Dr. Laura say something that changed my mind.  A caller struggling with her weight was using that old excuse — everybody feeds me to much.

Dr. Laura’s response, which is the title of this post, made me realize that I had to take ownership for the food I put in my mouth.  I can’t say no is not a good excuse.

It took some time, but I learned a great way to handle the monitoring cooks.  Be polite and tell the truth.

  1. Thank you for making this food. It was excellent.   Do you have some I can take home?
  2. I wish I could eat more, but I am watching my weight.

Sometimes the concern is with wasting food.  The cook might say something like, I made all of this food, I don’t want it to go to waste.

When I was losing weight and I faced this demand I came up with a little saying that absolved me of my guilt for wasting food:

I’d rather waste it than waist it (i.e. put extra weight on my waist).

It’s a stupid pun, but it worked.  It reminded me of my main goal to lose weight and kept me from being distracted with other concerns like wasting food.

Give it a try the next time someone doesn’t want you to waste food.