Here’s and weight-loss and weight control estimator in one simple equation.

Your eventual weight in pounds = (Average daily calorie intake — Average Calories Burned in Exercise) / 10

Here are some examples.

1. You take in 2,000 calories a day and do not exercise:

(2,000 — 0) / 10  = 200 pounds; You will eventually end up weighing around 200 pounds

2. You take in 2,200 calories a day and burn on average 300 calories in exercise:

(2,200 — 300) / 10 = 190 pounds; You will eventually end up weighing around 190 pounds

3. Let’s say you want to get to 175 pounds and you burn about 400 calories a day in exercise.  How many calories should you be taking in?

175 pounds x 10 + 400 calories a day = 2,150 calories; You should be eating around 2,150 calories a day

Here’s my equation:

  • I take in 1,900 calories a day and average about 400 calories in exercise:
  • (1,900 – 400) / 10 = 140; I do weigh about 140 pounds

What’s your’s?

A couple pointers.

  • Don’t overestimate the number of calories you burn in exercise.  I think people have a tendency to overestimate by double or triple what they actually burn in exercise.
  • Don’t underestimate the number of calories you take in.  Remember to count calories in drinks, those handfuls of snacks that your grab throughout the day and the little bit extra you grab after finishing the first plate.