It’s been two weeks since I read Gary Taubes’ book.  It reminded me to be more judicious about my carb intake.  I’ve had 5 or 6 stubborn pounds hanging on for the last couple years that I’ve been having a tough time getting rid of.

I’ve lost those now.

Not only that, but I mentioned the idea to my in-laws a little over a week ago that it’s all about the carbs.  They admitted they had been overindulging on the carbs in their diet.  I told them it’s worth a try to cut back for a few days to see if it would help them.

It did.  Like me, they both had been holding onto some stubborn pounds.  They cut their carb intake and they both lost 4 – 6 pounds in the first week and report that they feel better.  My father-in-law had a blood test a few days ago and it showed some of the best cholesterol and triglyceride numbers he has shown for awhile, which gets to something else Taubes says in his book.  He contends that eating carbs in place of fat and protein increases bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol and messes up triglyceride counts.

If you are like us and have been stuck with a few extra pounds, I would encourage you to give Taubes’ book a read and also consider cutting your carb intake to about 70 grams a day for a few days to see what happens.