Weight loss in one simple equation

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Here’s and weight-loss and weight control estimator in one simple equation.

Your eventual weight in pounds = (Average daily calorie intake — Average Calories Burned in Exercise) / 10

Here are some examples.

1. You take in 2,000 calories a day and do not exercise:

(2,000 — 0) / 10  = 200 pounds; You will eventually end up weighing around 200 pounds

2. You take in 2,200 calories a day and burn on average 300 calories in exercise:

(2,200 — 300) / 10 = 190 pounds; You will eventually end up weighing around 190 pounds

3. Let’s say you want to get to 175 pounds and you burn about 400 calories a day in exercise.  How many calories should you be taking in?

175 pounds x 10 + 400 calories a day = 2,150 calories; You should be eating around 2,150 calories a day

Here’s my equation:

  • I take in 1,900 calories a day and average about 400 calories in exercise:
  • (1,900 – 400) / 10 = 140; I do weigh about 140 pounds

What’s your’s?

A couple pointers.

  • Don’t overestimate the number of calories you burn in exercise.  I think people have a tendency to overestimate by double or triple what they actually burn in exercise.
  • Don’t underestimate the number of calories you take in.  Remember to count calories in drinks, those handfuls of snacks that your grab throughout the day and the little bit extra you grab after finishing the first plate.

FREE exercise videos

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I found free exercise videos on AT&T Uverse’s Free On Demand service last night.

I imagine other cable and satellite TV services have them as well.  This removes lots barrier for folks wanting to start an exercise program or work something different into the current program.

No need for a gym membership or expensive pieces of exercise equipment.  No worries about getting hit by a car or jumped by a mugger outside.  No worries of long lines at the gym or weather.  No scheduling worries.  You can watch the videos when you want in your own home.  You can do in them in you PJ’s.  No travel time to the gym.

The videos seemed to be 20 – 25 minutes in length, so they’re not too hard to fit into even a busy schedule.

There are well over a hundred videos available, so there’s plenty of variety.

I tried one of the videos to work out some kinks from shoveling snow.  It was 24 minutes in length and it got me sweating, stretching and working my muscles.

If you don’t have Free On Demand exercise videos with your cable company, other options include checking your local library for exercise DVDs or checking the internet.  I havn’t research the internet, but I imagine youtube might have some exercise videos as well.

Happy New Year 2011!

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Here’s to a safe, productive and prosperous 2011.

If you are interested in losing pounds and eating healthier, and sticking with it, here are some tips:

1. Forget “No Pain, No Gain”. Instead, strive for consistency and patience.  People burn themselves out by trying to get into top shape in a month.  Slow down, it’s okay to start off easy and establish your habits.
2. Give up potatoes and rice for one month. Instead eat fruits and vegetables as side dishes.
3. Introduce fruits and vegetables for each meal.
4. Try new fruits and vegetables to find some you may like.
5. Invest in a good pair of running or walking shoes. Hold off on the gym membership for now. To this one, I’ll add that you may want to try to try some yoga, pilates and aerobic videos from your library.  The main goal here is to establish time that you move your body in your schedule.
6. Set a goal to compete in and complete an organized recreational event like a 5k or bike ride in the March – June time frame.  This is a good motivator.
7. Re-prioritize your schedule so that exercise doesn’t get pushed off the list.
8. Try one or two new activities to discover something you may not have known that you’d enjoy.
9. Join groups and meet people who get together for recreational activities.
10. Keep a food diary for 2 weeks and then use my book to figure out how to calculate your food needs.

I burned 20 thousand calories today!

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No, really.

At least I helped others burn 20 thousand calories today by helping to organize the inaugural Liberty Giving Thanks 5k for Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

Sixty runners and walkers came out to support a good cause and help offset some of the damage they would do later in the day.   Great going everyone!


It Was Worth It

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I took some ribbing for loading up bikes and equipment to have during a recent weekend journey.  It did require some extra effort and even I questioned it as I was strapping the bikes onto the car, but it was worth it.   After all, I’d be burning calories with the normal increased activity of vacation.

The place we visited has bike trails nearby (the people there are lucky to have access to many miles of trails) and I was able to get in two hours total of riding (one hour with my family), see some different scenery and burn a few calories.

All in all, not a bad trade-off.

Programming Your Exercise

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In an earlier post, I shared by helpful hint of listening to my favorite podcasts while I exercise.   I find that to be a helpful way to stay motivated and consistent.

A friend shared a similar tip with me.  It works great if you belong to Netflix or Blockbuster Online.  He checks out TV series and movies that he wants to see, but the rest his family doesn’t, and watches them while running on his treadmill.

There are likely a ton of TV series that you haven’t seen because of timing, limited free time or you may not get the channel the series was originally aired on.  This is a great way to “multi-task” and use your exercise time to catch up on the stuff you’ve missed.  Ask people who share common interests to recommend TV shows for you.

Of course, you can also DVR a bunch of stuff and watch it when you exercise, but you may run out of shows in the summer of if you don’t care for what’s showing on TV.

The great thing about DVDs is that many shows from the last few decades are available.  While DVRs allow you to “time shift” your viewing by a few days or weeks, DVDs let you do it over decades.

If you don’t want to pay for Netflix or Blockbuster, get a card at your local library.  It likely has a wide selection of DVDs that you can check out as well.

Unproductive Exercise

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Interesting point about exercise from this week’s EconTalk podcast with Arthur De Vany, De Vany on Steroids, Baseball, and Evolutionary Fitness.

About 35 minutes into the podcast De Vany makes the point that much of exercise is unproductive.  He said it’s not about burning calories, it’s about passing a threshold of intensity to alter your muscle mass and change your hormone drivers.

Very interesting podcast.  I plan to post more about it later.

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