Good Books

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Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

The New Evolution Diet by Arthur De Vany

The New Evolution Diet and exercise regimen is worth a shot.


Good feedback

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A friend I gave my book to said she forwarded it on to a friend about a month ago.  Her friend recently told her that with what she learned from my book on calorie management, combined with her other activities, she has lost 10 pounds in the last month.

Nice job!  It’s always good hear that something I did helped someone else out.  That’s my primary motivation for having written the book and this blog.

Happy New Year

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If weight loss is one of your New Year Resolutions, please read my post about New Year Resolutions from 2006.

If you would like to learn more about how I lost 30 pounds and kept them off for the past 9 years, e-mail me at and I will e-mail you back a free electronic copy of my book.  Also, I recommend reading The Only 8 Things I Need to Know to Lose Weight.

Why are you fat?

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The answer to that question is key to getting started losing weight.

I was fat because I didn’t know how my body worked.  I believed in myths, I knew bits and pieces about how my body works and uses calories, but I hadn’t put it all together.   Once I figured it out, I had to stay on top of psychological barriers and hold myself accountable to sticking with what works.

What’s keeping you from making a change?

My Book is Cheap Health Care

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For such a small price ($0.99 on Kindle or I’ll e-mail you a free .pdf if you send me your e-mail address) you can get the information that knocked 30 pounds off me and has kept it off for 8 years and counting.   Most diet plans are very similar and based on the same principles.  They just have different names.  Mine cuts to the chase and lets you know what you need to know in less than 30 pages. 

It’s also a good reference.  I review when I find a few pounds sticking to help me find the bad behavior and correct it. 

It can be free.  What do you have to lose except a few pounds?


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Tool #1: Step on the scale everyday.  Preferably the same time of day.

Tool #2: Keep a food diary to figure out where you are taking in unneeded. 

Tool #3: Honesty.  Sometimes it’s hardest to be honest with yourself.  It takes practice.  You will not be perfect.  Don’t expect to be and don’t beat yourself for it.   Just be honest about when you do slip.  It’ll make it that much easier to get back in the routine.

New Year’s Resolution Failed

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To add more evidence to the theory that New Year’s Resolutions are doomed to failure, mine failed.  I resolved this year to give frequent updates of my daily trials and tribulations through this blog with weight control and my last post on that subject was February 16.  Sorry.

I’m still in my target weight range of 135 – 140 pounds, usually right around 138 and on the same basic eating and exercise plan that I’ve been on for years.  I enjoy the foods I like, just not in large amounts.  I went through a period in spring where I would miss one or two of my exercise sessions a week, mainly due to lack of motivation.  I focused only on one form of excercise, running, which was hurting my motivation.  As the weather improved I’ve been able to bike more which has improved my consistency.

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