The Realization

I can’t eat as much as I want

I’ve written a book on weight loss and “The Only 8 Things I Needed to Know to Lose Weight,” available on this website.  I stand by what I wrote there.  But, I’ve discoveredpeople who struggle with weight fall into two categories.

Type 1 – Do NOT know they can’t eat as much as they want.

Type 2 – Know that they can’t eat as much as they want.

Type 2 have a much better success rate.

Why?  Because Type 2 people know the truth.  Type 1’s barricade themselves in a fantasy world.  Type 2 people focus on what works: eating the right amount of food and staying active.

Type 1 people believe myths, such as not eating after 7 pm, to maintain the delusion of being able eat as much as they want.

I know.  I lived in that fantasy world.  The first time I used BMI to I discounted it because it said I was “overweight”.  I didn’t think it applied to me.

People praised me for “being able to eat what I wanted without gaining weight.”  I didn’t want to disappoint.  I had fans to please.  The only problem?  The truth.  I was gaining weight.

As I gained weight, I exercised harder to burn more calories.  Yet the weight kept increasing.

My social life centered around food.  My friends planned trips to new restaurants or we got together to cook new recipes.

I took to heart such phrases as, “life isn’t fun if you have to count calories or worry about what you eat” and “Only rabbits should eat rabbit food.”

I bought the myth that genetics predestined our weight.

But, I wasn’t happy with my weight.  I grew  concerned with the needle creeping up on the scale and my powerlessness to stop it.

The Realization

I cannot eat as much as I want.

In the book, It’s Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong described how he meticulously tracked each calorie he ate while training for the Tour de France because he wanted to start the race at a specific weight.  Elite cyclists are notorious for burning thousands of calories daily.  Before reading the book, I didn’t think calorie counting was necessary for world class cyclist.    That’s when it dawned on me.

If Lance needs to watch his calories, I do too.

After realizing the truth I only needed to figure out how many calories I should be taking in given my goal weight and activity level and figure out how to eat that many calories successfully.


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